Improvising Your Way to the Top

9 October 2018

The theme for this evening was ‘Improvising your Way to the Top’ and therefore no surprises that this session with our amazing guest facilitator, John-Paul Flintoff (JP), was an evening full of interaction with us all practicing our improvisation skills.

What was promised were tips on how to deal with:

  • Fear in going into a meeting where you don’t know what to do or say in advance
  • Fear of people saying no to our suggestions

What we got was an interactive session with JP and had some great fun practicing simple techniques to make our encounters more effective and light-hearted. We improvised and learned how to feel more comfortable going into an encounter not overly prepared.

JP used his improv skills learned from the master himself Keith Johnstone (author of ‘Impro’(Performance Books): Improvisation and the Theatre) to coach us to improvise to our hearts content – pushing our individual  boundaries, our comfort zones and our levels of fun.

There was lots of movement, laughter and learning (initially working on our own materials from the pre-work) and the session flew by,  leaving us all uplifted and more aware of how we can influence others by the way we approach others.

We finished off by sharing our learning from the evening and feedback on the session.   This was a great way to wrap up our last event in 2018.

Check out JP’s work and contact him via his website:


From the event:

“Really good session to get into fun and creative mode with others”

“Brilliant, fun, out of comfort-zone evening. Highly recommended”

“Loved getting to know like-minded women”

“ Fab, fun-filled evening! Really enjoyed it”

“Thank you for a great evening”

“Fun and inspiring – thank you!”

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John-Paul Flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff is very talented, award-winning journalist, author and performer, who has interviewed heads of states, Hollywood royalty and many ordinary people – who are not ordinary at all!  John-Paul Flintoff is a tall, left-handed Londoner. He owns three suits, a fold-up bicycle and quite a lot of other stuff. He is also a writer and performer. He’s published five books in 16 languages.

For more information on John-Paul Flintoff check out his website:

Date:                         Tuesday 9 October, 5.30-8pm

Venue:                       AXA XL, 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BG

Event Cost:                  £25 (includes drinks and light refreshments)

With grateful thanks to our hosts for the evening AXA XL