Impostor Syndrome Unmasked

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Whether you call it impostor syndrome, feeling fake or just annoying – the chances are that as a human you will have experienced the irrational kind of self-doubt that has you feeling like a fraud despite all the evidence to the contrary!


Whilst the feelings are not confined to women there are parts of our brain wiring and elements of culture that will affect the lived experience of women in business and influence the knock-on effects.


This session was full of insights and tactics – the interactive format encourages sharing. Getting ‘forensic’ with feelings and sharing insights are the core tactics when it comes to managing this joy-leeching feeling.


We all walked away with:

  • an understanding of the core elements of impostor syndrome
  • how these elements will be showing up in you and others
  • the cycle and the triggers of impostor syndrome applied to the business context
  • how you can re-frame and interrupt the thinking
  • a reminder to own your achievements and individuality
  • a general sense of positivity and motivation

From the event:

“Brilliant, insightful in a safe and welcome environment. Thanks for organising”


“Warm friendly and safe environment to speak and confide. Great event as usual”


“Great atmosphere. I felt very comfortable”


“Fantastic, honest engaging, informed and great facilitator”


“Wonderful friendly space to share ourselves and our ideas. Inspiring topics”

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Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis is a Bournemouth based professional communicator who helps individuals become their most effective and enjoyable communicating self.

She specialises in 1:1 communication and presentation coaching and directing. Trisha strongly believes that everyone can be an excellent communicator – all they need is quality time with objective feedback, tactics and a safe space to experiment

As an experienced speaker she regularly delivers talks on special areas of interest: Impostor Syndrome, Networking Skills and Engaging an Audience.

More info at Trisha’s website:

Date:                           Tuesday 8 January , 5.30-8pm

Venue:                         AXA XL, 20 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0BG

Event Cost:                  £25 (includes drinks and light refreshments)