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About Aspiring Women

A safe space for women

to share, learn, develop, support and grow together

in a fun, kind, professional and welcoming atmosphere

We are a group of women who regularly meet and support each other in our personal and professional development.

This happens through monthly online events, with guest speakers and facilitators.

Sessions are a mix of inspirational stories, practical activities and everything in between – always on topics voted for by our members.

We also bring together other resources and opportunities where relevant and requested.

We operate on a minimal profit model – the fees cover a regular charitable donation to organisations that support women and girls.

Our current charity of choice is The Girls Network, which provides mentoring opportunities for girls who may not have access to a variety of role models and opportunities.

Any remaining funds are put towards the administration costs of running Aspiring Women, which includes a minimal ‘stipend’ to the organisers.

We originally started life as Aspire Circles back in 2013, originally affiliated to Aspire Trailblazing Leadership, before becoming an independent group as Aspiring Women in 2017.

Two groups were originally formed – one based in London and one in Dorset, but since Covid19 we have operated as a single group.

All women are very welcome to join us – we only ask that you are curious to see how your life could expand and grow as a result of joining us!


through Fairness, Diversity, Inclusivity, Recognition and clarity of Communications


through Learning, Personal Development, Resilience, Well-being and Opportunities


through Listening, Contributing, Sharing with Loyalty and Integrity


through a blend of Humour and Quality provided with Trust

How To Join Us

Aspiring Women is a membership-based group.

There are two levels available:

Pay As You Go – signing up to membership is free and you only pay for events you want to attend (currently £12).

Full Member – you pay a small monthly fee of £8 and attend as many online events as you want for no additional cost. You can also pay annually and get 10 months for the price of 12!

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Who We Are

Marie Smith - Co-founder

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Ginette Tessier - Co-leader

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Katy Ingram

Katy Ingram - Co-founder

Kelly Keating - Co-leader

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