Impostor Syndrome – Mentoring Circle

Share and learn with our Mentoring Circle – a facilitated discussion about Impostor Syndrome: what it is, why we experience it and what we can do about it!

At the session, you will discover: 

# A better understanding of what Impostor Syndrome really is

# Tips and tools to combat this unwanted state

# Certain knowledge that you are not alone with these feelings!

# The wisdom of fellow women who have battled Impostor Syndrome


Prep needed: 

You don’t need to do any specific preparation, but it would be great if you could spend a few minutes reflecting on any situations where you have felt inadequate, not worthy or inferior to others, despite being in a position where your opinion or skill is just as valid! A Mentoring Circle works best when we are prepared to share, so please think of any examples you are comfortable to talk about.

This session is PERFECT for you if you:

# Have ever felt that you’re going to be ‘found out’ for not knowing enough

# Experience feelings of unworthiness

# Sometimes feel like you’re the only person who doesn’t ‘get’ something

# Struggle to make yourself heard in meetings or with colleagues/family/friends

# Tend to feel like other people have better ideas than you do

# Want to stop feeling like you are holding yourself back because of Impostor Syndrome

# Have experienced any of the above and found a way through (we are especially interested in hearing your journey!)

Ann Camargo headshot

Meet your session leader: Ginette Tessier

Hello! I’m Ginette, co-leader of Aspiring Women and Online Business Alchemist.

My company (The Get That Gang) helps experts create online business assets so they can develop new sources of income.

Impostor Syndrome is something that affects all of us at some point during our professional and personal lives. I am lucky to be a naturally confident person – but it has still come to me! I’ll be sharing what’s worked for me (and what hasn’t) and inviting you to share your experiences too.

I’m so excited to be facilitating this Aspiring Women mentoring circle on this subject – can’t wait!

Contact Ginette:


Mobile: 07469 928 252


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