Motivation Matters

26 April 2016

Motivation Matters: using risk and reward to navigate your course to personal achievement
What would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail? Pip Hare, international solo yachtswoman, took us through an evening of excitement and adventure as she talked through her strategies for finding inner strength, drive, determination and self-belief.

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Pip Hare – International Solo Yachtswoman

Pip Hare is one of the few British sailors competing in the International arena of single handed Ocean Yacht racing.  Since launching her racing career in 2009 Pip has sailed many thousands of miles alone over the world’s oceans, competed in five major international events and become the only British sailor to have ever completed the world renowned ‘mini-transat’ race twice.  Pip has managed her own campaigns from beginning to end, including boat building, sponsorship, training, logistics, communications and marketing, while juggling work for the RNLI and as a sailing journalist.

Date:                           Tuesday 26 April, 6.30-8.30pm

Venue:                         Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University

Event Cost:                  £16 (includes drinks and light refreshments)