Building Resilience and Confidence Through Self-Awareness

17 October 2017

Jo Kane took use through an evening of understanding the nature of resilience. Here’s the pre-event information:

We have all heard about resilience and know how important it is to foster it and every year more and more organisations are investing in this area to build the resilience of their people and especially their leaders. However there’s a common notion that resilience is all about ‘bounce back’ and whilst it is crucial now more than ever to be able to ‘recover’ from setbacks , it’s powerful to be able to put yourself in the driving seat and build your personal resilience so that you can access peak performance states and create success that’s sustainable and sustains you. There’s so much more to resilience than ‘toughing it out’ and cultivating the right mindset. To be a resilience superstar you need to adopt a more holistic approach that includes mind , body , spirit and emotion. When you can strengthen across all those domains then real transformation occurs.

This session will give you the chance to explore  these four domains and gain some insight into where you could benefit from some focus and development. You will be introduced to some leading edge tools that will help you become a resilience superstar yourself and enjoy the sort of success that fuels you as opposed to drains you. These are techniques that can take you from breakdown to breakthrough. That’s the hallmark of the transformative resilience.

From the event:

“Great event and speaker. Feel very inspired!”

“Really enjoyed this. Great presentation. Very useful.”

“It was a very valuable session, made me think about resilience from a different point of view.”

“Jo Kane was fab – so engaging and easy to connect with – good balance of sharing expertise and getting you to think.”

“Really good event – I am leaving feeling more confident and excited about what I can achieve.”

“Useful questions and coaching got me thinking. A lot covered.”

“Hearing inspirational stories from other women is incredibly energising for me right now.”

“Great hints and tips I can easily adapt to my life. Jo is really easy to listen to, thoroughly enjoyed the session! Thank you.”

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Jo Kane

Joanna is a highly experienced UK and international executive coach who has been working with individuals and senior management teams to help them fulfill their potential and leverage their strengths for more than 12 years. Joanna’s style is energetic, open and inspirational and she likes to work with people to help them reconnect with what is really important to them so that they can truly unlock their potential. Joanna firmly believes that real change happens from the inside out.

Joanna is also co-author of ‘The Suited Hippy And The Stress Junkie’ ( Reed McKenna)

Date:                           Tuesday 17 October, 6.30-8.30pm

Venue:                         Rock Recruitment Solutions, Austin House, 43 Poole Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH4 9DN

Event Cost:                  £16 (includes drinks and light refreshments)

Parking:                       Plenty in car parks close by

Doors open at 6pm for drinks and food before we start at 6.30pm.

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Marie, Kelly and Ginette

The Aspiring Women Dorset Team