Dealing With Difficult Conversations

16 October 2018

There’s a very good chance we’ve all had to deal with a difficult, awkward or downright embarrassing conversation at some point! So what makes one conversation more difficult than another? Why do some of us squirm while others seem to be able to plough on regardless?

In this practical and interactive session, Ginette unpacked the elements of a difficult conversation and helped us to understand what and how we can influence and change things for the better (and our own comfort!).

We walked away with:

  • an understanding of the core elements of a difficult conversation
  • which of those elements specifically apply to you
  • how you can influence them before, during and after a conversation
  • how to approach, hold and walk away from a conversation feeling great about it – even if the subject matter is ‘tricky’
  • and our own copy of the PEACEOUT framework to use in the future!

From the event:

“Ginette is such a great presenter = honest, easy to discuss topics with and share feedback”

“Very interesting to listen and also great getting involved”

“PEACEOUT framework is new to me. Really clever and useful tool!”

“Don’t put off coming to a session because they are fab and add massive value to my day to day!”

“Very helpful for my day by day situations – so much better prepared”

“I was looking for something different to Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversation, so it’s made me think differently”

“Great tips on how to approach and stay engaged in difficult situations. The anchor was a very useful tool”

“I think listening on how other people analyse the stages on the sheet was very insightful and have learnt a few golden nuggets to use”

“Walking away more confident to face more difficult conversations”

“Great session, thank you. Some great discussions with the ladies on my table which really helped too”

“Great to meet new people and have a focus on the communication – not worrying about ‘giving a pitch’ but rather having relevant, informative discussions in a relaxed environment”

“Really valuable personal development in a friendly and open environment”


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Ginette Tessier

Ginette is a freelance trainer who provides face to face training in management and communication skills and online training in how to deliver effective and engaging virtual training! She is the inventor of the ‘PEACEOUT’ framework, which she uses to help people understand how to Deal with Difficult Conversations.
Date:                           Tuesday 16 October, 6.30-8.30pm

Venue:                         Woodpecker Cafe, Queen’s Park Pavilion, Queen’s Park, Bournemouth

Event Cost:                  £16 (includes drinks and light refreshments)

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Marie, Kelly and Ginette

The Aspiring Women Dorset Team